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At Apexcars.net, we take immense pride in connecting people to their destinations with comfort and ease by providing the security of reliable well maintained used cars and rental vehicles. With over 30 years in the automotive Industry, we have the reputation and experience to provide exceptional service. Our rental fleet inventory is diverse and meticulously maintained by our own service and detailing staff. This process ensures a seamless and secure travel experience. We stock well optioned vehicles in virtually every desirable category including economy cars in very attractive price ranges. Whatever the need, whether it’s fuel economy, luxury, utility or occupant capacity, we will go out of our way to try and accommodate the request. We also have hundreds of purchase options available for customers who wish to purchase a vehicle. Discounted rental rates are available for long term rentals and customers who patronize our vehicle service department for repair work.

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We are open to offer you the best prices in town for rent a car!

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4949 Thornton Avenue, Suite A, Fremont CA 94536